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MiniWith constant English-Hungarian management and activities

Choosing the right nursery for your child is one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever have to make. We welcome visits by you and your child to experience our happy atmosphere and to meet the staff, that have developed Tappancs/Nook into a warm and friendly environment for your child.

Established in September 2010, our nursery welcomes little ones (aged 1-4) who would like to start their socialization within small groups (a maximum of 10 children) in a safe and well-equipped environment supervised by qualified and experienced professionals.

In Tappancs, Nook, Ladybird Nurseries the children have the opportunity to learn a second language. The little ones are constantly exposed to the English language by our qualified educators.
Our nursery has rooms aimed at different ages, within which each child has a stimulating environment for growth and development. We have a huge range of activities, toys and resources on offer for play and learning. We also have a large outdoor space.

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Our educational program includes:

  • developing the children’s fine and gross motor skills (Rhymes and actions/Csiribiri torna; Arts and Crafts/Művészpalánta)
  • learning English (English speaking environment with extra activities such as English gym and Kangaroo jumping)
  • music activities (Dallamvár)

Rhymes and actions (Csiribiri torna): This activity gives a unique combination of music, movement and high quality, child-friendly props.

Music activities (Dallamvár): Young children love music, and there’s no better time than in these early years to inspire them through singing, drumming and dancing together. 

Arts and Crafts (Művészpalánta): This activity enhances the children’s imagination and self-expression. Your child will take home a „masterpiece” every week.

English Gym&Fun: We believe that children should learn a second language as early as possible in life. Our aim is to enable children to learn and enjoy English in a fun environment. We have linguistic objectives each month, but the children learn through play without facing any pressure.

The small groups also enable us to focus on children with special needs.


Our daily routine

Consistency and repetition of familiar things are very important in every child’s life as they make them feel safe and secure.

  • 7.30-8.30: The arrival of children, free play and breakfast
  • 8.30-10.00: Activities
  • 10.00-10.15: Mid-morning snack
  • 10.15-11.30: Playing in the garden, arts and crafts, reading stories, nursery rhymes.
  • Once a week we have Rhymes and Actions, Sing-along, Baby English Gym and Arts and Crafts activities
  • 11.30-12.00: Lunch
  • 12.00-12.30: Half day children go home
  • 12.30-14.45: Story, afternoon nap, relaxing
  • 14.45-15.15: Afternoon snack
  • 15.15-16.00: Free play

Our daily routine is flexible and follows the children’s needs and is subject to weather. All of our meals and snacks are healthy, nutritious and well balanced.
Parents’ evenings and newsletters keep you up to date with your child’s development and news.


Minibolcsi 02Brain Gain (Ész-Kuckó)

At Tappancs/Nook Nursery we think that allowing children to play contributes to their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. The role of play in learning mustn’t be underestimated. It encourages interaction between children by communicating ideas and listening to what others have to say, strengthens a child’s curiosity about his/her world. This curiosity will motivate them to learn more.
Every child develops in his or her own time and way. Some children may reach the developmental milestones well before others. These differences make it harder to detect if your child is developing at a normal rate.
At Tappancs/Nook we have an in-house special education teacher who can help you if you are concerned about your child or if you just would like him/her to spend some time with a qualified teacher one-on-one. She will create programs and activities best suited to your child’s needs and she will provide you with a monthly progress report.


Opening hours

  • Monday-Friday: 7.30-17.00
  • Saturday-Sunday: closed
  • Bank holidays: closed


Places at the nursery are subject to availability at time of booking.

Should you have any queries about our nursery please, do not hesitate to contact us.